9 Advanced Pokemon GO Hacks

If you are new to Pokémon, and you are looking to learn some tips, you are in the right place. With this article, you are going to find out how to find them, capture and keep them. And for the professionals, you can an learn and extra Pokemon go hack or two from the article and boost your skills.

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Pokemon Go Hack and tips

Make Capturing Easier by turning off AR.

Having the AR on when capturing the Pokémons is part of the fun especially when going for the wild ones. If you have been at it a while, you notice that Pokémons don’t like you pointing cameras at them. They will make capturing difficult by hopping around randomly. I wonder how you look to the real life world.

However, you can turn off the AR and ease up the work. The Pokémon settle down in one position and will occasionally hope to make it challenging, but at least now you can focus and capture them.

Summon Nearby Pokémon

When walking around have you noticed the Pokémon silhouettes on your map? What could they possibly be? Maybe Pikachu! Not really. These are wild Pokémons that are near you. Tap the tab and it will display all the Pokémons around you. From the list, you can choose one Pokémon to track down. Notice that ass you come near a Pokémon the footsteps on the screen reduce. You are making progress. If the footprints are increasing as you walk, you should probably turn the other way.

Trade in duplicates

If you have two or more Pokémons of the same type, there is no point in keeping them. Trade them in with Professor will low to increase your XP and level up. You will receive candy from the professor which you can use to evolve stronger Pokémons.

Study the Moves

You might come across two Pokémons with the same CP. To make the best decision, examine the moves of the two Pokémons. Check the power levels of the moves and the kind of weapons the Pokémons have. Go for the one with the better moves.

Next to each move set you will also notice the amount of damage they can inflict, there is also a blue bar that lets you know when you can use your second set of moves. Go for more power, better moves and better Pokémons.

Pokeball 101

Among the Pokemon go hack, this is one you should definately learn. When capturing Pokémons, you can throw a curve ball that will earn you more points. Just jiggle the ball superbly. Do this by tapping the ball, rotate it in a clockwise or anticlockwise until it starts to sparkle. After this, just toss it and boom. A new Pokémon and some extra points.


Dispose Potions!

For the trigger happy player who let Pokeball fly off, you are bound to run ou of the balls. There is no need in keeping you inventory full of potions when you can walk to any poke stop and refill on them. Toss some of the portions to give some space for more poke balls.

Look out for petals.

When you visit a pokestops and notice some falling pink petals, it means that someone has left a lure in that spot. You should stay there for the next 30 minutes to avoid missing out on the hunt.

Keep the app running to hatch eggs.

If you are wondering why your eggs are not hatching even though you’ve walked all over town, it’s probably because your app is not running in the background. The app needs to stay running to keep track of the distance you are covering.

Use lures.

Instead of buying poke balls, buy lures and incense instead. You can always get more Pokeball in pokestops. Invest in some incense that will allow you to attract Pokémons to you for 30 minutes. Make the hunt easier. Right?


The above Pokemon go tips will help you play like a professional. They cover the basic gameplay of the game cheats which involves luring, catching, keeping and gaining higher XP. Be a pro through all these stages.

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