Bit Heroes Cheats – Unlimited Gems Coins

If you have played the previous version of Bit Heroes game series then a new challenge awaits for you with more advanced techniques, improved graphics, hero’s, villains and improved features. This new version of Bit Heroes will really satisfy your craving for DC comic’s super heroes and villains. It is a perfect game where you can choose your characters and fight in a team. It is more like creating a battle field where you have some set of characters in one team fighting other characters in different team

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Bit Heroes Hack and Game tips

Bit Heroes is a basic fighting game that can be played in single player or multiplayer mode. Each character has certain features and fighting style that defines special abilities and equipment. If you are a newcomer or a veteran, you need to understand how to play the game and what are Bit Heroes Hack and game tips that can help you excel in excelling in the game.

Level up your favorite Characters

Initially Bit Heroes game provides you chance to unlock items but as you grow higher in the level, it becomes difficult to level up your character or increase their power. With the help of Bit Heroes gems hack and game tips, you can easily level up your characters rapidly and beat other opponents during tough matches.

Unlock character items

Each character has its own level and that defines its capability to fight in combats. In order to unlock various character items, you need to earn through mother boxes that comes when you reach new level. With the help of hack tips, you can equip Bit Heroes .

Unlock Every Premiere Skin

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There are total seven premier skills featuring in Bit Heroes and that allows a character to transform into a new person completely. This new feature introduced in Bit Heroes and it’s premier skill can easily transform you into a new character. Hack tips help you unlock all the upgrades and power ups in the game.

Use items in environment

Every map used in Bit Heroes is different from the other and items can be made usable in different environment. When you are close to an environment, you can choose the item that you want to use.

Get chance to win ultimate battles

Bit Heroes is a perfect game for players who are willing to participate in ultimate battles. You have the chance to compete with other players around the world in multiplayer mode and win the game. This way you can keep playing the game and look around for more Bit Heroes Hack.

Upgrade character items and earn regeneration

Unlocking or upgrading in the Bit Heroes game is something that will really delight its users. If you want to unlock potential of this game then you will be able to compete in different game and unlock all its mysteries. All you need to do is access this amazing game and play any way you want. One of the most interesting features of this game is use of Mother Boxes and regeneration feature which will only get upgraded if you level up quickly and start competing in team battle multiplayer mode.